Time for a Radical Yet Traditional Revolution

It is unbelievable where we are and just how far we have come.  Things are not as they seem in our world today and I must admit that we need to stop and catch our breath sometimes.
I know that when I was a lot younger, things made a lot more sense than what they do now.  People believed in the value of hard work and honesty and wanted to do what was right.  Now, we are seeing more and more people finding the easy or most lucrative way out rather than the right way.  
I think of stories about how veterans in Michigan are getting foul treatment from the University of Michigan, who says that they are out of state students, even though all they did was enlist.  I think of the recent gun control noise that is being made and at the same time, stories about how people need guns to protect themselves.  I see and hear about the strangest things accepted as the truth, while the truth is put off as something rather quaint.
It is beyond ridiculous that there are those that do the right thing but never get the notice or appreciation for it.  So many are deserving of so much more.
It makes you tired to think about, but it seems to me as if the common sense so many people value is in a smaller and smaller dosage in our world.  It is time for some good, old-fashioned new old common sense and traditional values that make it all work together.
I know it’s a long shot to hope for the good old days, because that never happens.  Still it is time for something this different and radical.  Who is with me?