Grammy Awards Are A Waste Of Time For Most Of Us

Let me preface this by saying that there are those that enjoy getting an award.  Particularly an award from your peers in your industry.  Nothing says love like hearing it from the people that you work with and compete with how they love what you have done.  It is a great honor.

For most of us, though, it is a complete waste of time.  The Grammy Awards have been handed out and while I am sure that some were surprised by some of the results, for those of us that really have learned not to care, they are a waste of perfectly good airtime on a TV network.
Yes, I do remember years ago watching one of these telecasts and overall it was a lovefest for anybody that they thought did something remotely good.  People showed up wearing far too little with clothing that clearly was being held on with strategically placed two sided tape.  Now there’s a way to get dressed in the morning.  At the end of it, the winners get a statue of a record player that ends up being a doorstop before its all said and done.  One or two years later, maybe even one or two weeks later, people have forgotten that the award was handed out.
So why all the big deal?  I would assume to sell more records or to sell more ads.  The performances of the night will spur album sales and the ads that night will spur sales of whatever they happen to be selling.  It helps out advertisers and the industry.  Then, things get back to normal and the next “big thing” will take the spotlight.  
For people like me, I save myself the trouble and simply look over a list of winners.  It is far easier than wasting 3 hours of my night that I will never get back.  Instead, I can waste 3 minutes on a list that gives me more moments of “who” alongside “wow, they’re still alive and making music?”  That is a far more fun game for the likes of me.  So, I can’t speak for everyone, but I can say for more than just myself, the Grammy Awards are a complete waste of time.  I’d rather watch reruns of practically anything.  Besides, practically anything is usually a lot more entertaining than a Grammy telecast.