Stuck Between The Now And The Not Yet

We are here in that void.  Stuck between what we are now and what we will be.  That holds true for so many of us on so many levels.

For our nation, we are at a point where we are not what we will be.  There are some that want us to be a social giant, like Europe, only with good barbecue.  There are others that call for an extremely conservative view of things that include private ownership of practically everything.  While that sounds nice, it is not easy to think about something along the lines of “The Statue of Liberty, brought to you by Progressive Insurance.”  The answer lies in the middle of everything, but that is another story for another time.
For this blog, I have labored and thought about a way to take it in the future.  I have landed on that way, but sadly, I am not able to act on it yet.  While the changes coming will not be terribly huge, it is disconcerting that I can’t take it there yet.
For myself, there are many great things that I have yet to do.  I know that they are ahead and I know that I need to strive for those things and achieve them very soon.  Still, I am not there yet and that causes some frustration as life marches on.
Maybe you find yourself in this type of area.  You are between the now, where you currently are, and the not yet, where you know you are aimed and headed.  I talk to so many people and they all agree to having some feel of being in that area.  They are uncertain about their beliefs, jobs, families, friends, life in general.  All of it is overwhelming if you look at the whole picture.
The thing that drives me to continue on the road to the not yet is simply that I know I am in good company.  You and I both are on the road to becoming better people.  While that road is different for everyone, there is one common theme, if we would just open up and agree.  That common theme is that we all need one another.
May your future be bright.  May you not surrender to the mediocrity of the moment.  Such things will keep you trapped forever in the now, when the not yet beckons.  Sometimes that calls for sacrifices greater than we know, but in the end, if we become all that we should be in this life, then the moves we made and the things that we did will all be worth it.
So now, to the future.