Fuller House (screencap from YouTube)

Fuller House – Is it worth the time?

Fuller House (screencap from YouTube)
Fuller House (screencap from YouTube)

To start with, I have to admit that I do not get the whole movement of nostalgia for the 1990’s.  I get nostalgia for the 80’s.  I get people digging into the music of the 80’s and the movies and all of the TV Shows.

I lived through the 80’s and the 90’s and I have to say that the 90’s was just one of those decades that you went through to get you from one side to the other.  The 80’s had style, it was outlandish, but it was style.  The 90’s had…what?  I’m still not sure.  From the TV to the music to the movies, there was a lot to forget about.

In the sea of all of that forgetfulness lies one show that people seem to have seen an episode of here and there at the very least and that was Full House.  Every week, we let the Tanner’s invade our living rooms with a show that was full of catch phrases and all of that cheesy family vibe that we all seemed to want to have more of.

So now, someone gets the idea of basically reviving the series.  Granted, it is the same idea turned on it’s ear.  Basically, call it Full House The Next Generation.

So given that so many people in my Facebook feed have been watching this show and saying how great it was, I decided to watch it myself, to see if it was exactly what I thought it would be.  Basically, it was.

Now, if you are into the whole retro-90’s nostalgia thing, this will be right up your alley.  All of your favorite characters are back (sans Michelle) and they all have a moment where their favorite catch phrase comes out.  There are moments of sheer silliness combined with those heart string tugging moments that the original had.  If that was something that you liked, then Fuller House will be worth your time.

Still, the whole experience makes me wonder just how long this will be able to sustain itself?  People will embrace it because it is so familiar and fun.  But, when that wears off, how many people will return to other things that they took up since that time?  How many people will abandon this show to return to House of Cards, Orange in the New Black or any number of the shows that come along on network television?

I must admit that I only watched the opening episode and it was a lot of the schmaltzy stuff that people loved, or at least tolerated in the 90’s.  How will a show like this come into the modern era?  Will it even try?

For those that are a part of the project, I wish a lot of luck.  They seem like they are great people and if people want to watch this, who am I to argue.  Still, I found it to be somewhat taxing and consider the episode that I watched to be in the category of “half an hour that I will never get back.”

Fuller House.  Probably not worth it in my estimation, but feel free to judge for yourself.