TV Execs Really Are Desperate

You wouldn’t believe what might be cropping up on your TV screen if NBC has anything to say about it.  Word has come down that they have given the greenlight for a pilot for a remake of the Munsters.  But, this won’t be your ordinary run of the mill remake.  The show is being planned as an hour long drama and is being written by the same people that did the show “Dead Like Me.”  Somehow the history of television shows that were a comedy being turned into a drama is very thin and very suspect.  Look no further than a revival of the Brady Bunch called “The Brady’s.”  I know you probably hadn’t heard of that one, and quite frankly, I hadn’t heard of it either until recently.  It was that good, so good no one remembers.  
Chances are great that a similar fate awaits this rendition of the Munsters.  Gone are the days of Herman getting into some sort of wacky trouble and having that annoying laugh that only Fred Gwynn could give us.  In are the days of people that look like freaks having modern problems.  One can only imagine some of the plotlines that are being planned.
I have long been a critic, at least among those that know me well, of the idea that we need to remake everything.  Never the less, that seems to be the norm in Hollywood these days as people seem to have lost that creative genius that came with so many of the TV and movie classics that are out there.  Granted, you don’t always have the most successful outings, but for every “My Mother, The Car” there is a “MASH” or some other groundbreaking show.  It seems that lately the idea is to take something someone else did successfully and then rehash it and do it again.  If you doubt that, look no further than the CBS lineup, affectionately known among many as the Cops Broadcasting System.  Every show on that network seems to be about police work or forensic study.  Bring on NCIS, CSI and anything else that they have created lately and by and large, it has something to do with police work.  While that is a noble profession, I don’t need to see it every hour of the primetime schedule.  Just imagine that police officers that want to escape trying to watch CBS.  I can’t imagine it would happen for very long.
I continue to wait for the day that something truly creative comes to the airwaves again.  For now, we copy other shows that are currently on, or in this case, copy something that was little more than brain candy and make it something that it was never meant to be.  The Munster’s back on television in dramatic fashion.  I may be a bald man, but I think I’ll be washing my hair that night.