Tebow Should Be Admired

Sports writers for the last year or two have fallen all over themselves to say that Tim Tebow does not belong in the NFL.  That his style of play may have worked in college, but it has no place in the staid, serious NFL, where you have to follow the model and not be different.  Of course, different is what usually wins in the NFL and if you doubt that, look no further than the Greatest Show on Turf or the early days of the West Coast Offense and Bill Walsh.  These are seen as some of the best examples of doing something different.  It dazzled us and brought us the entertainment we seek when we watch football on Sundays.
The way that Tim Tebow, of the Denver Broncos has been treated has been largely unfair.  I don’t think that he has come into the NFL planning to be a superstar, he just wanted to be someone that contributed to a team and made a difference.  He seems to be doing precisely that in Denver as he keeps winning games.  Denver has apparently shown confidence enough in him to jettison it’s previous starter, Kyle Orton.  Quietly, behind the scenes, John Elway is sitting back with a smile on his face, contemplating the future of the franchise that he is now helping in the front office.  No doubt he has had a few conversations with Mr. Tebow and knowing what we’ve seen from Tim Tebow, he is likely taking in any lessons that are being imparted to him.  Tim Tebow is that kind of person.  We know it well and we have seen it on and off the field.
I will go on record saying that we will likely not see Tim Tebow someday being inducted into the hall of fame.  He will not likely get too many calls from the pro-bowl, but who cares?  Lesser quarterbacks have led their teams to the Super Bowl and that is the ultimate goal of many in the sport.  For Tim Tebow, he wants to help his team win and he is doing that.  He is also a man of great character that any parent would want their child to emulate.  He has done things time and again that have let the world take notice that he doesn’t work for himself or his own betterment.  Instead he wants to serve people and serve the God he believes in.  We could do worse in the way of role models and we have over the years.
Tim Tebow will probably get figured out by opposing defenses eventually, but for now, he is in esteemed company and is doing the same thing those before him did…winning.  For this, he deserves respect and admiration and I am willing to give him that.  Dare I say that we should all do so, not because of him but because of what he does.