L.A. Thinks They Deserve the NFL

It astounds me that after all of these years that Los Angeles seems to think that they are deserving of an NFL franchise.  A recent effort has borne some fruit for long suffering football fans in the City of Angels, yes, that’s right both of them.  The city has put together and approved a proposal that would build a new stadium in downtown Los Angeles, contingent, of course, on having an NFL team make a commitment to the city.  So far there are no takers, but the usual suspects have lined up for the article, from the Chargers to the Jaguars to the Vikings.

Let’s review the recent history of professional football in Los Angeles.  Now that we’re done with that review, let’s look further back.  Remember that this was a city that for years was host to the Rams.  In addition to that, the Raiders came to town for a while and played their football there.  Then it was gone in a flash.  Georgia Frontiere decided that St. Louis was a better fit for the Rams and why not, they had a brand spanking new dome that they wanted to field a team in.  Then in a move that can only be described as something Al Davis could come up with, the Raiders moved back to Oakland, which was where they came from to begin with.  Just like that, L.A. went from 2 teams in the NFL to none.  That is the way that it has stayed since that time.

Of course, let’s not forget that expansion was something that was supposed to correct this issue.  L.A. was all lined up to get a team and was even provisionally awarded a team, assuming that they could get their ducks in a row.  They didn’t and the team was taken back and given to Houston.

So where does this leave L.A?  Right back where it started with no team and no prospects of having one.  One of the council members, even had a rather bold suggestion.  Bill Rosendahl commented on what the area could support, “I want a team, and maybe a second team, that will come to this town.  Why not? We’re a great city, and we deserve it.”  While this won’t go down in history as a stupid comment, it should.  Los Angeles is the NFL city that failed not once, but twice, in the same year.  Given that kind of record, the town deserves a Pop Warner team at best rather than an NFL franchise.

Baltimore, St. Louis, Houston and Cleveland all spent time in forced NFL exile and learned to appreciate what was lost.  L.A. has only yawned.  This is not a city that deserves the NFL, but don’t expect that to matter in the end.  This city will end up with a team anyway.  I just hope they don’t abandon them too quickly.