Now Cats Cause Global Warming

If you’re looking for the cause of global warming, one study now says that you can look no further than your cat.  The study claims that cats have been causing global warming by eating an excess of birds that help to control climate change.  They also say that climate change is causing cats to breed more and create more cats that hunt more birds that cause global warming.  While you get your head to stop from spinning on this one, I can tell you that I am relieved to know after all of this time that my cat, who is seemingly harmless and spends her day purring, eating, sleeping and generally looking like most cats do, was secretly plotting the death of the planet behind my back.

In this crazy world we live in, we have recently been encouraged by Al Gore to tell the truth about global warming.  This is the same global warming that is caused by our cars and industry…oh wait…it’s caused by the excess flatulence of cows…no wait, now it’s caused by cats breeding and eating birds.  Who knew that Sylvester the Cat was that evil.

What we need now is to take positive steps on behalf of our cats.  We need to make sure that they are unable to breed.  While this usually includes spaying or neutering, I think maybe we need to keep them inside.  Not only will they be unable to breed, but they will also be unable to eat birds, which should help mitigate the problem.  The other thing that we need to do is get counseling for our cats so that they know that this evil plot to destroy the world by breeding and eating birds just will not be tolerated.  Pet psychologists and cat whisperers everywhere would have jobs for a long time to come and let’s face it, we’re trying to save the planet here.

Or, we could wise up and say that cats have as much to do with climate change as your average cow grazing in the meadow does when they feel that urge to let loose and rip one.  The idea that Al Gore tells us that we need to tell the truth about climate change just a couple of days before this study comes to light is just too good to be true.  I think what all of this illustrates is what we know about global warming, which is practically nothing.  Science has not verified reasoning why temperatures warmed, why Katrina hit a few years back or why wicked weather plagues us.  Rather than looking at what is happening with a chicken little attitude, we need to be sensible.  Yes, clean up your mess, but let’s make sure we aren’t going overboard and killing an already teetering economy.

Chalk up another theory on global warming.  In six months, we’ll file it away with all the other ones in the circular file.