Your Own Action Figure and Star Wars on the Subway

What could be more fun than getting your own action figure?  It’s a dream come true for one man who as the extremely unlikely candidate for Senate in South Carolina suggested that the economy could be turned around simply by manufacturing action figures of himself.  Alvin Greene shocked everyone when he won the Democratic nod to go up against Jim DeMint in South Carolina because Greene didn’t campaign and didn’t spend much money at all.  When he made his suggestion, it was laughed at by many, but not by the people with the Single A Minor League Baseball franchise known as the Charleston RiverDogs.  The decided to give out action figures of the Democratic hopeful at a game coming up.  As to Greene’s opinion of the situation, he doesn’t mind, saying “As long as it looks good and is in good nature, I’m OK.”  The team is known for its strange and off the wall promotions that have included Nobody Night, in which they asked fans not to come to the game and set a record with empty stands.  They might have actually been able to do that again with their promotion of Vasectomy night, but they cancelled it since so many said that was in bad taste.  The action figure promotion seems to be in reasonably decent taste, unless you happen to be a Republican.

Finally, and I don’t know if you saw this earlier in the week or not, but a group in New York City called Improv Everywhere  has struck again, this time reenacting Star Wars, or at least a scene of it, in the New York City subways.  Check out the following:

This is a group that I’ve been following for years, ever since they staged a mission in a McDonald’s restroom that included an attendant that gave you hand wipes, after shave and the like.  This is the kind of group that has fun at no one’s expense and generates laughs and smiles every time they do something.  They are also the ones we hear about every year that put together the “no-pants” subway ride in New York City, in which a large group of people get on the subway and ride fully dressed apart from not actually having pants.  It’s surprisingly tasteful and as I understand it, they’ve only gotten in trouble for doing so once.  If you haven’t yet checked out this group, you may want to head to their website, which I’ve provided a link for.  When you do, check out missions like, the Spontaneous Musicals, The Surprise Wedding Reception, or the underrated Megastore mission, which are all among my personal favorites.  I get updates on Facebook from these fine people and I can tell you that I have yet to find a mission where I watched it and truly wondered what they were thinking.  As to the current one with the Star Wars on the Subway, you can tell these people know what they’re doing and do it simply out of a love for the craft of acting and laughter.