The Underwear Bandit and the End of History in a bottle

From Oklahoma where a woman allegedly robbed a McDonalds through a drive through window.  Police say that she was wearing a black shirt, black pants…and men’s underwear…on her head.  Normally a fashion statement reserved for when someone has had way too much to drink, she decided to put it over her face and paper clip it into place.  When employees walked away from the window, she reached in and used a key to get the cash drawer open.  Talk about stealing from the drawer while in a pair of mens drawers.  Police say that she’s still at large and so far they can’t seem to make out who it is underneath the underwear.  They’ve even taken to airing the video on the local news, but I can’t imagine anyone being able to control their laughter long enough to actually identify the woman in question.  All joking aside it was a pretty bold thing to do at 3 in the morning, but it would be bolder still if the underwear was not clean.  Here’s hoping it was and in all seriousness, lets hope they get the underwear bandit.

Finally, a story about bottling the end of history…beer.  A Scottish firm called Brew Dog wanted to make a beer that would end all beers.  So they brewed up a beer that has 55% alcohol by volume and sold a beer called “The End of History” in a very limited batch of 12 bottles.  Here’s where it gets interesting.  They wanted to step it up a little bit so the folks at Brew Dog decided to combine micro brewing with art and taxidermy.  Yes, you heard right, they actually bottled the beer inside dead animals.  These former European roadkill victims live on to serve up the pricey suds and forever be a conversation piece for 12 lucky guys all over the world.  If you’re interested in buying yourself one of these, you’re out of luck for two reasons.  First, all 12 have been sold out and second they would run you about $765 a bottle.  The manufacturer says that you should take care when drinking it as it’s more like whisky than beer and I might add conveniently skips the need to hallucinate that you are pouring your drink out of the mouth of a recently deceased animal.  The company says its the last in a line of high alcohol content beers that they have brewed and they have no need to make anything stronger.  Honestly, I think after a drink of this, you wouldn’t need to take another drink for the rest of the month.  Also I wouldn’t suggest drinking it straight from the bottle.  That sort of mental picture is disturbing when you think of it.