Mr. Whipple and Urinal Cakes

We all remember Mr. Whipple.  Growing up I always heard his famous statement, “Ladies please, don’t squeeze the Charmin.”  What a moment of TV history.  Now, you can own a bit of it as an auction takes place that includes a roll of Charmin personally signed by Mr. Whipple.  The auction also includes some props from the original Bozo the Clown show and several board games based on TV series, including one built around the Dukes of Hazzard.  All of these things were part of a museum that closed that was based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It will be interesting to see how much the roll of toilet paper goes for, simply because Mr. Whipple himself is now floating among the “White Clouds.”  (sorry, couldn’t resist)

I thought I had seen some pretty strange things in the course of election politics, but this one takes the cake…the urinal cake.  For those not informed, the urinal cake is the thing put into urinals to apparantly “lock in the freshness” as it were.  Anyway, the story comes out of Florida where candidate for fire commissioner Pat McCourt has found his face on a urinal cake int he public restrooms of several local restaurants and bars.  It’s all an effort of a group that is frustrated with McCourt and has invited the public to share their feelings about him.  The businesses involved had no idea what was happening and said that they were taking them out, only to find them returning over and over.  You have to wonder based on that just what this guy’s chances are at getting elected.

Personally, I don’t like this particular idea.  There’s having fun and then there’s bad taste.  Maybe the limit should be handing out flip flops based on your opponent, or better yet a box of frozen waffles with your opponent’s picture on it.  There should be some good taste in election stunts and I think that urinal cakes could only backfire in this circumstance.  Go with the waffles.  At the very least, you are buying breakfast for someone and you could never be accused of having bad taste.  Waffles taste pretty good to me.