A Unique Printer and a Dating Solution You Hadn’t Considered

We’ve all experienced it.  You go to print something and the printer that you own goes through a process of deciding if it actually wants to print your document.  Every computer printer out there can be described as tempramental at best.  I think that I’ve finally found the solution to that problem in a little printer that I found online.

Yeah, you got it…a Lego printer.  Someone this week told me about a robot that was made of Legos that could solve a Rubik’s cube, but I hadn’t seen this before.  This might actually be useful and when it gets tempramental, you simply tear it apart and make a spaceship or something else.

In other news this week of a lighter nature, a woman who apparently has not heard of single’s bars or eharmony.com decided to call a very different source for finding a husband. She dialed 9-1-1.  When told she was subject to arrest for misuse of the emergency phone system, she very simply replied, “Let’s do it.”  She said alcohol played a role in making this happen.  There’s no word on whether or not she actually met anyone at jail while serving her time for calling 9-1-1 without a good reason.  Someone please tell this woman that there are simpler ways to meet men.  If she was interested in meeting an officer of the law, she could just speed rather than call 9-1-1 looking for a husband.