Netflix (by flickr user Jenny Cestnik,

A love hate relationship with Netflix

Netflix (by flickr user Jenny Cestnik,
Netflix (by flickr user Jenny Cestnik,

Netflix.  How I love it and I hate it, all at the same time.  I love it because I have enjoyed so many movies and TV series that I would otherwise have not had the chance to sample.  I hate it because it has managed to eat up a lot of useful time that I could have done things like write a novel, solve world peace or any other noble pursuit.  Based on that, we can blame the people at Netflix for the world’s problems.

Okay, not really, but it does take a lot of time to watch a series from beginning to end.  As I have discovered so many interesting series on Netflix, I thought I might share some with you that you might not have heard of.  Thank me later for all of the lost time.


Long Way Round/Long Way Down

I knew that this series existed for a while.  I originally discovered the concept when I spent some time at a local bookstore perusing the stacks for my next great read.  I found it in the books that were written about these two series.

If you are unfamiliar, these are short series that detail the ins and outs of a trip on motorcycle taken by actors and close friends Ewan McGregor and Charly Boorman.  They both have a passion for riding and it shows as they take two bikes (three if you count the cameraman) and ride from London to New York, the long way around, through Europe, Asia and North America.

They had so much fun on that trip, they decided to do it again, this time going from John O’Groats in Scotland, through Europe and on to Africa.

You will hear more than a few curse words here, but that is about the only negative.  The positives are that you will learn so much more about the world around you.  Intertwine that with the attraction of seeing Ewan McGregor look like a regular human being and you have a memorable series.  Add to it, the man that every guy would like as his best mate in Charly Boorman and you have two series that are must see.  If you have not seen them, check them both out, starting with Long Way Round.  You will not be bored and you will not be sorry.


Okay, I know that this one is a cable series and that many that are familiar with it are probably ahead of me, but bear with me.  I’m one of those people that cut the cord, so I’m generally a season behind on things.  Still, I would not have found this one otherwise.

The premise of the series is following the Culper ring of spies that served George Washington during the Revolutionary War.  You learn to love these characters and love what they go through to keep their family safe and show their love for liberty.

If you are a student of history, you will have to overlook the license that is taken with some of the events of the time.  Still, the overall feel gives you an idea of what the war was like and what happened during the events of it.  You learn to love some characters and hate others.  You also get hooked and when you get to the end of a season, you long for more.  Count this as an undiscovered favorite.  It is well worth your time.

Fixer Upper

Call it a guilty pleasure, but we love home improvement shows.  While I have not been a home owner for several years, I still love to live vicariously through these people that spend time working over a home and making it their own.

However, nothing compares to Chip and Joanna Gaines and their take on a genre that desperately needed new life breathed into it.  They have made it so much fun to watch, you almost don’t even need to like the genre to like this show.  Chip is kind of goofy, Jo-Jo laughs at him and has fun and at the same time, the two are able to oversee projects that would drive most of us to screaming fits.

The end result is something that looks like it came from a magazine and the beginnings are usually something that is anywhere from less than stellar to on its way for a date with a wrecking ball.

These are people that you would love to have over to your house because you know they will make you laugh and have fun.  When you spend time watching the show, you will feel like you played host to the two and you’ll want to have them come back around.


If you love the crime drama genre, this is a throwback to the way it used to be.  There isn’t as much of the forensics that you find in modern cop shows and more investigation of the crimes themselves and how they were undertaken.

This is a show that I watched many an episode of hanging on the edge of my seat.  I started watching it because I was familiar with some of the actors, but I kept watching it because of the character of Walt Longmire.  He is the kind of guy that you would find awkward in conversation, but you would absolutely want having your back in a fight.

The story takes place in Absaroka County, Wyoming and is based on the Longmire series of books that detail the character and his crime solving abilities.  Also, Lou Diamond Phillips shines in this series, playing a Cheyenne man that is friends with Walt.  His unique way of answering the phone at his bar still sticks with me.

It’s really not easy to put into words why I like this series, but I can tell you that it is one of those series that you will love to watch and will not be able to stop.  If you have the time, check in with Walt and his team.  You won’t be sorry.

A Gifted Man

This show originated on CBS a few years ago and is one of those shows that got cancelled way before it’s time.  It’s something that fits the bill if you like the hospital drama, with an interesting sci-fi twist.

The basis is that a man who is a gifted surgeon bumps into his ex-wife after being away from one another for a long time.  Only the next day he finds out that his wife died and he has been seeing her ghost.  She leads him to one adventure after another that involves people that are unable to pay for their surgery that need something only he can do.

After watching this one, I found out that it was cancelled and I have to admit that I was really disappointed, not that the show was bad, but that there wasn’t enough of it for my tastes.  Truly a gift for those that enjoy a good story.


There are so many more that I have discovered over the course of time, but this is a pretty good list that you should try to check out for yourself.  I’ll come back around and do this again sometime as I am always discovering new things.