Stormtrooper (by flikr user Sebastien Bertrand,

Hope you’re not tired of Star Wars yet

Stormtrooper (by flikr user Sebastien Bertrand,
Stormtrooper (by flikr user Sebastien Bertrand,

I think that we all knew this was coming.

By the time we get to the year 2020, there will be 5 more Star Wars movies that hit theatres.  Keep in mind that we only had 6 before that.  Disney has put together another trilogy that follows our favorites that came out so long ago, started by The Force Awakens that took place just last year.  Episode VIII is wrapping up filming right now and Episode IX is in the planning stages.

Then we have spin-off movies featuring a prequel of sorts to the original movie, better known to fans as ‘A New Hope.”  This one comes along soon.  Then there will be something about Han Solo and then another that features Boba Fett.

For those of us that grew up with the original trilogy, this could either be a great treat or some kind of nightmare.  The original announcement that more movies were coming was kind of an interesting one.  For most, it was something that was an interesting development.  For many, the prequel trilogy was disappointing on many levels, mostly because it was clear that it was done mostly on green screens and gone was the feel of the “used universe” that Lucas was going for in the originals.  We needed something that was interesting and new, yet familiar and beloved.

What we got was The Force Awakens, which for many was a taste of something interesting, but it might have been a little too familiar.  The plot felt an awful lot like the original.  To add insult to injury, the first film features Mark Hamill for approximately 20 seconds and he has absolutely no lines whatsoever.  Top it off with a villain in this trilogy that is a Vader wannabe, coming off as a spoiled brat at times and there are some that still long for the old days.

Still, it was to be expected with what Disney paid for Lucasfilm and the license to make more of these things.  I even commented to my family that they could make one of these entire movies a two hour extended fart from Han Solo and people would come watch it in droves.

It does make me wonder, though what we can expect from the next films and the spin-offs.

The big question that I have over all others would be, How many of these things could end up being disappointing before the public moves on?  I know we all love Star Wars, but according to some we all love superhero movies and that will start to fade sometime soon.  Indeed, ask yourself what happened to the Batman v. Superman movie.  It came out big and faded fast.  Will the same thing happen to Marvel?

So more Star Wars headed our way.  Yeah, I suppose I’ll take a look at them, but will they measure up to the classics that act as one of the sole reasons multiplexes are what they are?  I have my doubts.