Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium (by flickr user Emmanuel Huybrechts,

The need for justice

Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium (by flickr user Emmanuel Huybrechts,
Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium (by flickr user Emmanuel Huybrechts,

Superhero movies seem to be the order of the day these days.  We all love to see Iron Man, Spiderman or any of the other heroes that they have made a movie about in action.

The big question is why?  What need to we have for these larger than life people that can save the day?

With the opening of a movie that pits Batman against Superman, we even see the answer to our need for heroes.  The very name, “Dawn of Justice” points to what we lack in this world.  The concept of Justice eludes us.

Look no further than children that have no parents, or at least none that care.  Look no further than cruel dictators that get children to be trained as killing machines.  Look no further than the area of human trafficking and the idea of women being used.

Still, we can all look to our own lives for more examples of how justice has left the building.  How many have lost a job through no fault of their own?  How many have had a relationship end and they didn’t do anything wrong?  How many have been taken advantage of?  Betrayed?  Or Worse?

I have seen stories of those that need wrongs made right and, even in the United States, the land of the free, where liberty and justice rule the day, the very idea that things could be made right eludes us.  The reality is that the strong prey on the weak and those that seek to have things made right need money to make it happen, or too bad, so sad, can’t happen.

We all have stories and problems that we have had over the years that drive us toward that notion that there needs to be something that sets things right in the world.  But what if things were set right?  Would anyone even be left?

While I think of myself as a generally good person with a generally good background, I know that there are things that I have done in years past that I am not proud of.  Some of those moments that I should have turned right when I turned left.  So many of us can think of those moments where regrets set in and you wish you could have done differently.  For some of those, I have made them right and for others, the opportunity never came, but if those of us that are generally good people are capable of such injustice, is there hope for this world?  If we the good can do this, what keeps those that care nothing for what is good and right from taking advantage?

Living in this world where there is no easy way for those that need justice to seek it, we need to remember that there are things that we can do about it.

First, we need to help those that are looking for justice to find it.  That might mean helping those that have been wronged or helping to feed someone, get them clothes or generally take care of needs that are in front of us.  If we are to look at someone and say something to the effect of “Well, sucks being you” and walk away, we will do nothing for this world.

Second,  we need to show mercy to those that wrong us.  Believe me, I know that one is hard.  I too have had those that have done me wrong and there are times that my soul screams for justice.  Still, if we start plotting to take out those that have wronged us, where would we be?

Third, we would do well to remember that the world itself is not a place of justice, but one that could operate better on mercy and grace.  On this Good Friday, we are reminded of one who did no wrong that was killed anyway.  He did this so that others, translated us, could go free.  His sacrifice is one that I do not take lightly and use daily as a reminder of what is better in my life.

So, yes, like you, I enjoy a good superhero movie.  And, like you, my desire for justice has not died down.  However, I know that true justice can be found in mercy and true compassion can change this world for the better.  We just need to find a way to exercise it without leaping tall objects in a single bound or pulling out a fancy batarang to administer justice.