(by flickr user Martina TR), https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Not Enough Love In The World?

(by flickr user Martina TR), https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/
(by flickr user Martina TR), https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

The great musician Don Henley sang a number in the 80’s that reflects on what many say is our current problem.  In this world, there isn’t enough love and a whole lot of hate, fear and downright mistrust.

So, in the shadow of Valentine’s Day, I wonder to myself if this is true.  Looking at the headlines these days, you have to wonder.  We see stories of the tragic death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia and while there are some that reflect on the life of this devoted public servant, there are so many more that have one group not trusting another or one group vowing to stop one another.  Add to it the pointing fingers on both sides that are throwing up line after line of proof and evidence that that person on that side is a hypocrite.

Except the one thing that we all forget is that all of us are hypocrites at some point or another.

You see other stories of people that are betrayed by another person.  People lie, cheat, steal and otherwise do things that are not worthy of the label of love.  We all have experienced that kind of story, whether it was in the area of dating or in the area of business.  In the end, the story is the same and the feelings involved are similar.

So where do we look to find that sense of love?  That unashamed sense of how things ought to be?  I tell you that it is here and not only that, I know where to find it.

As I experienced my Valentine’s Day, I can only reflect on the personal relationships that I keep and the faith that I live out.  I am not going to find any love or approval from a callous world that seeks to build up and tear down people on a daily basis.  Indeed, I myself have been victim of that a time or three.  Though some will disagree with my assessment that there is a God, I believe in it and while that might seem old fashioned, I can attest to how that has made a difference in my life.  I am also a believer that it is that same God that provides souls here in this world to help me and that I can also look to those personal relationships for help.

So how are my personal relationships?  Well, I am a happily married man for starters and that is one area that I can find that love we all seek in the world.  I also have a teenage son that shows love in unusual ways, as any teenager would.  Gone are the days of the huge hug and here to stay are the days of the long conversations of who is the best quarterback in the NFL, why basketball matters more than I think it does and why sports is one of the greatest things in life.  Ahh, the teenage years, right?

Still, one of the purest forms of love that has trouble being more pure can be found in the heart of a child.  Indeed, my 6 year old taught me a lesson on what kind of love we have in this world.  He told me all day he had a special surprise for me and he managed to deliver on it by the end of the day.  On my bedside table, I found a valentine.  It was part of those that we got for him to hand out to classmates.  I know it didn’t take much for him to put together, but he made sure that I found it, asking me later if it was where he left it.  Inside were the simplest of wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day and I find that they come from such a true heart.

So is there enough love in the world?  Yes, I think there is, but you do have to know where to look.  I’ve found it for myself and my hope is that you have found it for yourself as well.  If not, keep looking.  There are loving people out there, ready and willing to reach out to you.  My 6 year old reminded me that I can find the best source right under my nose.