Christina Hoff Sommers (screencapture from YouTube)

Women have more freedom than ever before

You wouldn’t know it by hearing from the media, but women in America are more free now than they ever have been.  That kind of headline doesn’t sell in the media.

Instead, we hear about the gender wage gap and how awful it is that women don’t make as much as men do.  The one thing lacking in any of the studies done on the subject are several key variables that make a difference when you include them.  So what is the real truth to it all?

The truth can be found in a brief video.  It is an eye opener and really asks some good questions, particularly toward the end of it.  One of the biggest ones indicates that if there were the ability to pay women less, there would be more women in the workforce rather than men because companies would be able to save more money.

Check out the video for yourself and let me know what you think.