Al Roker Is A Strange, Strange Thing

How weird is the media?  How strange is Al Roker?  He has an embarrassing moment at the White House and he feels the need to tell everyone about it.  If you have been brave enough to watch the above video, I can only say that I am sorry for posting it, but it was needed to prove a very important point that really shouldn’t have to be made.

First, the point for Al Roker is this.  Shut up about your moment.  This was, no doubt, embarrassing, but you managed to get away with it without anyone knowing about it.  Now, millions of people know about it because you felt the need to tell everyone.  I know it is a common side effect of your surgery, but did you really need to share it with us?
Second, this really displays in full force how strange the media is.  NBC is not exactly known for having a lot of viewers, so I understand the need to get people to watch something from the standpoint of the “shock factor.”  Still, none of us needed to know that.  I know we all know a little more about Al, but I’d rather know things like what his favorite book is or how he spends his time when he isn’t telling the world how the weather is today.  I really didn’t need to know about the time that he soiled himself at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
The media has shown itself desperate for years for anything…anything to call news.  It used to be that news was just about the facts and that was that.  Now, it is the story of people.  While that is all fine and good, I really am not interested in someone’s poop, no matter how famous they are.
What the media needs to do is to reexamine itself to see if it is time for a high colonic (Couldn’t resist, sorry).  More news and less of this kind of thing.  I guess that I am saying that the media is often full of something, but I really want to be a bit more classy than what happened on NBC.
I understand that the media is necessary, but how about a media that actually does it’s job and tells me about the choices that Obama has made for his advisers rather than the lunchtime choices of one Al Roker.