Global Warming and Dinosaur Flatulence

(by flickr user infomofo)The global warming crowd continues to give us a laugh over and over again.  This time in their latest theory on how global warming got it’s start.  Get ready for this and hope like heck you are ready to change your underwear.  Global warming is what killed off the dinosaurs because they were guilty of breaking wind.
We’ve all heard the stories of the idea that maybe it was an asteroid and we have even heard that maybe just maybe it was a volcano that erupted at the exact wrong time.  Now, we find out that they all went extinct because they didn’t have any Beano or Gas-x.  
The whole idea is to get the rest of us thinking that we need to curb our use of cows because they are causing problems for the earth.  Never mind that the same problems are caused every year at the family gathering by that annoying habit that your uncle has after dinner.  At least we all have fair warning something is happening by the sound of “oh boy” from the other room before and after it happens.
Back to the topic at hand is the very serious nature that animal flatulence is the key to warming our world up too hot and way too fast.  Many in the scientific community would tell us that we need to change the way that we eat and to that, I have a very simple reply.  For those that stop enjoying a steak or hamburger, they would need a protein replacement very quickly.  As we know, there is no source of protein greater than beans and since we all know what happens when you eat them, I would only say that the problems that this world has, if indeed flatulence causes global warming, would only get a lot worse (and a lot more smelly).
I have to say that this theory on flatulence by the global warming crowd is the only thing that stinks.  Let’s face it, farts happen everyday.  I can’t imagine that the world is going to end because of them.