Traveling Tales

Given all of the heavy news of recent days, I felt that something lighter was in order.  So for that, we look no further than the travel industry to give us a little something to make you smile.

If you find yourself on a plane and you happen to be traveling on Hong Kong Airlines, you’ll want to watch yourself so you don’t irritate the flight attendents.  Normally, when I have flown, I go out of my way to make sure that I am not troubling the flight attendents needlessly because they have a job to do and unless I need something, they don’t need me in the way.  After hearing about this, I think I’ll stick with that policy because it works very well, than you very much.

Drunk and unruly passengers were apparently a problem for Hong Kong Airlines.  They had on average of around three a week on their flights.  They decided something had to be done, so they put together something that would help their attendents deal with it head on.  They have invited all staff to go through training in wing chun.  Now if you’re wondering what that is, it’s simply the close quarters version of kung fu. 

Now, they’ll know what to do when a passenger gives them trouble.  Already attendents are saying that it makes a difference with their ability to carry out the task and let’s face it, its a great move by the airline because it promotes a healthy lifestyle.  In addition, they can have comfort knowing that their jets are less apt to being highjacked because the attendents will be able to battle off any would be attacker.

Of course, the classes are not mandatory, but given the problems on the planes that they’ve had, I can’t imagine that too many of them are passing on the opportunity.  Personally, I just hope it doesn’t come into play on drink service when you dare to ask for just a touch more ice in your drink.

The thought of this brings to mind all of the potential movie deals that could sprout out of this.  If Steven Seagal was still making action movies, can you imagine another movie where he plays a low level attendent that saves the plane from terrorists just because he knows how to kick butt?  Or how about the flight attendent that is small and the last one that terrorists would expect to be able to defend the plane.  A new possibility for a young star to make a name for themselves on the big screen just because this airline wants to keep it’s passengers in line.

I make light of it, but in reality, it’s probably a good idea.  Now, let me start practicing saying, yes, I’ll have a Coke, just please don’t hurt me.  Should I ask for peanuts?  Oh, never mind.