Flavored Cards and Election Resolved Vegas Style

From American Greetings, who brings us all sorts of things from music in cards to the standard cuts on your age in a birthday card, now brings us something for people with taste…literally.  A card that has a flavored strip that connects with the message on the card.  For example, if you get a card that says something about having your cake and eating it too, it would have a strip that tastes like cake.  I still haven’t figured out what the card would taste like if it had some joke about old age.  Not sure I’d want to put a strip into my mouth that would have the flavor of Ben-Gay.  Regardless, there could be endless possibilities with this one.  Stay tuned.

Also, I love the way that some elections are resolved.  The drama that surrounded the 2000 Presidential election is still a pleasant or unpleasant memory for many.  That one was not so fun.  Some decide to flip a coin to see who wins a tied election.  In this case, the candidates in question decided on using a deck of cards and playing high card to see who would win.  The candidates were both running in the Republican Primary for a position on the county commission.  The came out tied after the regular election and tied after two subsequent recounts.  Now throw in the kicker that this election was held in Nevada not too far away from Vegas and you get what is uniquely Vegas about solving elections.  The two candidates agreed on how it would be solved and even talked about what kind of deck of cards to use and what color they should be.  Once that happened, the cards were fanned out and the two selected cards before the winning candidate drew high and moved on to face the Libertarian candidate in the fall election.  Honestly, I wonder if they couldn’t have been lined up at ideantical slot machines and the first one to win something wins the election or maybe even a game of blackjack.  Still, its a unique way to decide an election and might be something for the rest of us across the country to consider the next time we hear about a close election.