Butter Battle and Blood Drive for Mosquitoes

A county in Washington State wants its residents to know about the dangers posed by mosquitoes.  You would think that would mean an advertising campaign, pamphlets that educate, public service announcements and the like.  Instead, you get a blood drive.  Lest you think that this has something to do with feeding hungry mosquitoes, they plan on giving the blood to the Red Cross in the area, but they wanted a convenient way to tell people about how mosquitoes breed in standing water and how they carry disease.  Of course needles carry disease if not properly used, but that’s beside the point.  It’s all a part of National Mosquito Control Awareness Week.  Can’t say that I understand this one, nor can I say if they plan on handing out Off or citronella candles after you give blood at the blood drive.  Might be a good idea if they did.

And we have Butter Battle.  No, it’s not a new episode of Iron Chef America on Food Network, though that is the mental picture I got when I first saw the headline that featured this story.  The story also out of the state of Washington goes that a sister was making Macaroni and Cheese and began having an argument with her brother about butter.  It had something to do with the difference between butter and margarine.  Now these two could simply have solved their difference by simply having a never ending slap fight or some other battle that often ensues between siblings, but no, instead the 17-year-old sister tried to cut the 21-year-old brother…with the serrated edge of a spatula.  At least that’s what his story was.  In the end, the sister was charged with 4th degree assault.  So remember, if it tastes like butter but it’s not, you may not want to start a fight over it for fear of being assaulted with a deadly spatula.