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…And choose you did! A few days ago, I laid out the stakes and knew that the country was up against a choice of what to do and where to go.  We all knew it was in our hands and we made our choice. But, what did the choice mean across the country? First and foremost, let’s be clear.  The choice was not in favor of Republicans by and large.  The choice was against Democrats, at least on a national level.  Senate races were anti-Obama and that is why the GOP will be taking over in the Senate come January.  That is also why we will see a few more GOP Congressmen and Congresswomen come January.

Visit This Link Still, this can be a time of defining for Republicans everywhere.  Now that they have both sides of Congress, they can pass things and send them along to the President.  They can then shed the image of the “do-nothing” Congress that has been so pervasive since Republicans won back the House in 2010.

you can check here The best thing to do is to work together with the President on things that they can agree on.  That would include sensible immigration reform that reforms the legal way that people come to this country while establishing once and for all a secure border to the south.  It can also be said that we need to look at our northern border, given what has happened with our Canadian neighbors and the terrorist attacks they have faced in the last month.  That might also include working on ways to make the Secret Service do its job better.  You can’t deny that Obama has a stake in that one for the rest of his days.

click to find out more They should consider ways of scaling back the way that Obamacare works.  While you will not get a complete repeal through while Barack Obama is President, you might be able to get things through that will take the burden off of taxpayers, business and others that are seeing problems with the “Affordable” Care Act.

online guy celeb dating actress They might also consider ways to make public infrastructure work better.  While we can’t deny that we need to save money in this country, we also need to provide roads for people to travel on.  This is  something that can be a good chance to do some projects, but sensibly and in a way that it is easier to afford for a government already strapped for cash.

All in all, Republicans can’t take this as a sign that people want to see impeachment or any other things that the extreme right would want to see.  These are not the things that people want.

There is an opportunity here and it is not to make the President look bad.  He does just fine with that on his own.  The opportunity is to govern well and get some things done.  If you can do that, politicians know that you will be rewarded.

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