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Where has the media been with their coverage of Biden?

Six years in and finally the media is coming to an interesting conclusion.  They are questioning whether or not Joe Biden is ready for the big chair.

For many years, Joe Biden has been victim to the slip of the tongue.  For the past six years, the Obama Administration has made excuses for him and said, in effect, “C’mon, it’s just Joe.”  The media has gone along with it every time.  But, now, they are acting a little differently.  Interesting that it took them this long when they took no time at all to deride Dan Quayle when he did something they thought was ridiculous.

Lest we forget, Dan Quayle was guilty of a spelling error and paid for it dearly every time he surfaced.  He made the so-called “Murphy Brown” speech and you would have thought he suggested that we burn Candice Bergen at the stake.

Contrast that with Joe Biden’s many follies.  For saying in front of America that Obamacare was a “big f***in’ deal,”  the media yawned.  For making the statement of Mitt Romney “he’s gonna put y’all back in chains,” the media checked their watches.  They have gone out of their way to give Biden a wide berth instead of the scrutiny that they gave to Dan Quayle, who was guilty of a spelling error.

I would like to simply say to those in the media who are finally questioning the fitness of Obama’s choice for Vice President, welcome and it’s about time.  There have been many of us that have questioned the choice that Obama made and wondered how different it would have been if he had made the selection that everyone thought he should have in Hillary Clinton.  I know she is not the best, but at least she isn’t sticking her foot in her mouth on a regular basis.

Now the media is only questioning him now because he has hinted at running for President in 2016 and, let’s face it, they’d all rather see Hillary get it than good old “Uncle Joe.”  Still, the questioning is a good thing, if a bit misplaced and delayed.

(Joe Biden photo by flickr user richiec, license)

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