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Wave election but for who?

can you buy ivermectin for humans over the counter Madīnat Ḩamad Experts have been predicting off and on all year that this will be a wave election.  Most of the predictions have been for the GOP to end up taking the Senate, which is an accomplishment considering that they will have to take 6 seats in the Senate to do it.

https://bathdecorcompany.com/1275-ph59325-ivermectin-dose-for-raccoons.html But they’re not the only ones that are predicted to do well in the election.  Talk to some others and they will predict a wave election in their favor, but it takes only looking at the source of the prediction to know of it’s validity.  In this case, the source is Nancy Pelosi and she predicts the wave will belong to Democrats.

unamusingly stromectol bez recepty The prediction in her case was for 2016 and what she said of November was that they would do “okay.”  I guess that means being swept from the Senate is doing okay.  Still, she is predicting that a Democrat will win the White House and that Democrats will have the House and Senate in 2016.  That might be a tall order.

https://bathdecorcompany.com/615-ph47106-ivermectin-for-dogs-hookworms.html Republicans are being said to be taking 6 seats and maybe as many as 11 in the Senate.  That kind of take would be ridiculous and probably won’t happen, but 6 is still a pretty big number for a body that has 100 people in it.

http://badasstrucking.biz/1526-ph93025-ivermectin-paste-side-effects-in-humans.html Pelosi is taking to the podium not to play up 2016, but to downplay this year.  No one expects that Democrats will do well and she even says that they’ll do okay.  That means roughly translated, “Well, my job is safe, anyway.”  Still, this lowering of expectations makes it an easier pill to swallow when they take a pounding in the Senate.

Republicans are not exactly the worlds best campaigners, but they seem to be doing alright this time around.  Just imagine if they did campaign the way that they could and by all rights should be.  They would run the table and make the President irrelevant.  Of course that might be as big a stretch as the one that the former Speaker made, but this one, at least has a small basis in reality.  With Democrats having to defend their votes on Obamacare and defend the President in general, it is a tough year to be a Democrat.

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