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The Obama idea of a good meal

We all heard about what First Lady Michelle Obama wanted to focus on in her time at the White House.  It is a very noble thing to want to battle childhood obesity and there should be an effort to bring the subject to light.

However, when you get the ideas into practice is where things go off the rails.  That’s what we find in this piece, where there are several pictures of school lunches.  Is this the idea that Mrs. Obama had in mind?

What the school lunch issue brings to the fore is the same old view of the way things need to be.  If it were a conservative agenda, there would be education into childhood obesity and ways to combat it without having the effort to take food off of plates in the schools.  In a more liberal mindset, the idea is that people can’t think for themselves and need the government to save them from themselves.  Thus, you get school lunches that are the size of a snack.

As a parent, both of my kids pack their lunches.  We talked about and even did school lunch for a while until we noticed that our kids started coming home and complaining of being hungry.  Mind you, my kids are not overweight by any means and both of them are active.  Starving kids in the name of making them thinner and more healthy is not the answer.

The answer ultimately can be found in two things.  First, educating kids on what you need to do to be more fit.  While some of that can be found in Physical Education, or Gym as so many of us called it, more of it can be found in other avenues.  We can tell kids what to look for in healthy snacks.  We can tell them the best exercises to do to keep yourself fit.  But, you need to also keep knowledge as a society of one thing, which is the second point here.  That would be that people still have free will and will still want what they want when they want it.  There will always be some that continue to do the wrong thing, even when they know it is wrong.

Limiting food at school is important in some fashion, but not like this.  We can’t have students everywhere complaining of being hungry.  If you doubt it is happening, look no further than Twitter where pictures of underwhelming school lunches can easily be found.

To the First Lady, I think we can say that we get the idea.  But the way it is being carried out is beyond ridiculous.  We need to find a balance point and where we are is not it by a long shot.

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