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Now the choice is yours

The midterm election is nearly upon us and much like what you hear in stores at closing time, the time has come to make our final selections.

What is the right course?

Only your conscience can dictate that to you.

But, how do we know what choices to make?  I have had so many people ask me that and the answer is simple, but incredibly complex.  The answer is to dig deeper.

What I mean by that is not to just believe what a commercial will tell you about someone.  Not to just believe what an opponent says about someone.  Instead it means going over the news in a thorough way, including looking at multiple sources.  If in doubt, go to Fox and MSNBC.  Go to ABC, CBS and even more slanted sources.  That’s right, take it all in and see what the commonalities are and what the differences are.  While that might not complete the picture for you, it will give you a wider view of the world and a wider feel of how you should vote on someone or something.

Digging deeper is more than just a one time event, however.  It is a lifestyle and a way of consuming the news that means more active viewing/listening/reading.  It takes more time, but on the other side of things, you are better prepared and overall, a much more well rounded person.

So, indeed, the time has come to choose.  Choose wisely and well and always dig deeper.

(picture by flickr user Vox Efx , license)

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