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White House insisting on edits of pool reports

The media is getting restless with the White House.  Finally, you are seeing some reporters balk at some of the things that the Obama Administration is doing.

Among them is insisting on editing pool reports.  These are reports filed by a small selection of reporters that are members of the White House press corps.  The White House has agreed to distribute these stories to a large list of people, but according to a report from the Washington Post, they have also disagreed with some of the stories and refused to hit send unless changes were made.  How does that amendment on freedom of the press go again?

The piece in the Post also mentions that members of the press are looking for another way to distribute the materials that would not go through the White House.  I say that they need to make sure they do.  Regardless of who is in the White House, there needs to be an independent press that reports on it without fear of edits.

The press has been seeing more and more of this type of thing from the Obama Administration and from the promise that we are going to see the most transparent administration that there has ever been, we get something instead that looks really bad on the part of those in charge of press coverage at the White House.

The press has to insist on being able to get independent coverage that has nothing to do with the White House.  It’s one thing to want to add a statement to a story, but it’s quite another to want parts of stories thrown out because they don’t like them.

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