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Schools are being asked to become food police

It is the ultimate example of a liberal, feel-good program gone wrong.  Michelle Obama’s school lunch program is one that has gotten growing complaints over the years and there are some great reasons why complaints are appropriate.

Now, we are seeing schools irate over the insistence of the federal government to limit what kind of fundraisers can be done and some schools that have just had enough and have decided to give up federal dollars so they can do what they want.  Can we now admit that this effort is a failure?

I understand the basics of what they want to do.  Kids these days are eating too much and aren’t eating healthier.  They want to encourage healthy eating, so they decide to do it, by requiring that certain things be done.

Never mind that people have the free will to do what they wish and some of the kids involved in this are deciding that they have the free will not to eat at the school.  Instead, they are packing lunches or going elsewhere and schools end up with a bad or worse problem than what was there before.  How is it that liberal programs like this end up making things worse rather than making things work better?

Could it be this notion that the government has to think for us is a flawed notion?  Could it be that people, deep down when no one is looking, actually prefer to decide for themselves what they want rather than have the government do it for them?  Could it be that we need to educate rather than force the issue?

And that is the key, we need to educate what happens when you overeat.  What happens when you choose the unhealthy over the healthy.  What happens when you decide not to exercise.  There are ways to do that to make it clear to students that there is a better way.  In the end, though, we need to educate and then let people choose for themselves.  Because the idea of giving them no choice, allows people to choose an alternative anyway.

We need to get away from the federal government deciding that they know better what we need than we do.  It’s time that we start telling people what really happens when well meaning liberals start programs like this one.  Then again, experience speaks for itself.  But, why do we have to keep on having these kinds of experiences before people actually get that liberalism is a bad, bad idea?

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