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White House wants impeachment?

I would not advocate for impeachment at this stage of the game.  I’m not sure that there are many in any circle that would say that would be the best course of action for this country.  Yet, listening to the President’s surrogates, you wonder if they don’t long for that type of thing.

Dan Pfeiffer, an adviser to President Barack Obama, recently said that House Speaker John Boehner has opened the door to impeachment by taking the President to court over executive actions.  But is that right, or is this political posturing of another kind?

I think it is the latter of those two and specifically, I think that what the White House is doing shows us a strategy that is clearly focused on politics and the idea of leaving behind a legacy.  Right now, President Obama is enjoying a 39 percent approval rating from Americans.  Clearly, people will remember his time in office as someone who was a gifted speaker, but extremely inept leader.  They would like to move things into more positive territory.  So, rather than come up with something that will move this country forward and do things that people want, they have decided to paint their opposition as extreme.  Have you noticed that people who believe in fundamental Christian perspectives are now considered extreme?  Have you noticed that people that are pro-life are now considered extreme?  They are if you ask anyone in the White House.

Maybe this should paint for them a portrait of why they are so unpopular to begin with.  Slamming people of faith will get you nowhere.  Indeed, people of faith can be found on the left, so you can imagine why people might not like being called extreme for believing in a book that has been with us, in some form, for thousands of years.  You can also find roughly 50 percent of this country that believe that life, all life is sacred.

That brings us back to this approach of bringing others down to make yourself look better.  It is galling when people in business do it and in politics, it is the everyday norm.  But, why not lift people up?  Why not do the things that you were brought to Washington to do?  People wanted a different way of doing business and what Obama brought is simply more of the same.

Impeachment will not happen and there is not a majority of the GOP that would like to see it happen.  What we all want to see is a President that knows where he needs to be and when his power stops.  This one seems to think that you can and should solve all of your problems with an executive order.  That is where the breakdown has occurred and until we correct that, we will get nowhere.

(photo by flickr user Gage Skidmore, license here)

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