Lessons From Libya Need To Be Learned

sie sucht ihn bebra The unthinkable has happened.  Our ambassador was ambushed and killed.  Our consulate, destroyed and America being protested worldwide.  This is the way that the world is acting in the face of Barack Obama’s diplomacy and apologies for the United States.  But there is more to what has happened than what meets the eye.  Certainly more than what the media is currently focused on.

We have been hearing stories out of Libya over the last several days about what happened and what warning that we had.  The White House denies that there was intelligence that indicated trouble there and yet there have been a couple of different reports to indicate that the State Department knew that something was up and did nothing about it.  The latest report indicated a three day advance warning about these attacks.  The White House says that they were spontaneous, erupting out of protests.  Instead, those on the ground say that all was quiet before a three pronged attack took place.  Yeah, sounds spontaneous to me.
In the Middle East, protests have enveloped several embassies and have taken hold of the world stage.  Iran is in the final stages of getting nukes that they claim are for peaceful purposes.  Israel is getting tired of waiting and Barack Obama seems to want to meet with David Letterman and Beyonce rather than meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  
All the while a campaign for President goes on.  The world is spinning out of control and the Obama campaign for re-election is spinning that they are handling everything and how about this wonderful economy and oh, by the way, Romney is ultra-conservative.
When will the lessons be learned?  When will we realize that all of this is happening because our leader thinks that the United States should be liked instead of well respected and feared?  The lessons that need to be learned are rather clear.  We need strong leadership and we don’t have it.  There really isn’t anything else that needs to be said.

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