Campaign Is Not Over

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I can’t imagine I am the only one that thinks this, but I have had enough with the media and their portrayal of the Romney campaign.  Obama recently slipped and said he couldn’t change Washington from the inside.  Romney on the other hand, made a statement that people that have a dependency on government would likely vote for Obama.  And based on all of that, Romney is in trouble if you believe the media.
There are even some of them that are asking why Romney won’t admit that he needs a turnaround.  George Stephanopoulos even asked if Romney was in denial about his campaign.  All of this in the shadow of the latest national polls.  Based on media coverage, you would think that the latest polls have Obama with some sort of commanding lead, but he doesn’t have one.  Instead, it is usually a 1 or 2 point difference in one or the other candidate’s favor.  Does this signal game over?  Hardly!
The media is, by and large, in the tank for Obama.  That much has been clear for some time.  Still, you would think that they would even do things that would be somewhat balanced in these times, seeing as the polling data has the two so close.  Even some states are showing a tightening of the polls.  A recent poll in Pennsylvania has a two point difference between the two, and it wasn’t even supposed to be competitive.  How again is this supposed to the the “game over” moment?
We really need to dig hard in this election to find the most unbiased news.  The source for that is not the mainstream press.  It is also not Fox or any other source of that nature.  What the source needs to be is ourselves and our abilities to dig a little deeper to find out what is happening.  Sometimes that means reading the New York Times.  Sometimes that means reading the Washington Examiner.  Sometimes it means watching the news on the BBC.  Any of it can qualify, but it takes an active mind to find out what exactly is going on.  
Mitt Romney will have a little trouble from the video, but not as much as the media is hoping that he will.  Instead, they refuse to take the focus off of this and people are seeing things unraveling in the Middle East.  That isn’t a Romney problem, but an Obama problem and a big one.  Instead of taking the attention off of this video and putting it back on the Middle East, the media continues to be so enamored of President Obama.  I can’t imagine why.  He is a decent person, but a lousy leader.  We have a choice to go and get someone else.  Given everything that has happened in the last four years, we could do a lot worse than Mitt Romney.  He isn’t perfect, but when you are faced with a choice of a guy that is a little on the different side and the pure ineptitude of Barack Obama, the choice becomes clear.  It is time to move on and hire a new President, in spite of the media thinking that this one is all over.

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