The Stumble That Hurts Herman Cain

He has yet to give ground on the question of sexual harassment, but he is losing ground in an area that is crucial to Republicans being able to give him the nod for the Presidency.  The area that I am talking about is foreign policy and the stumble comes from Herman Cain as he does an interview with The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  They ask him whether or not he agrees with President Obama on the question of Libya.  He appears to stumble around and fumble for an answer before finally coming to the conclusion that he was wrong…he thinks and maybe, wait, what was the question again?
Whatever you believe about the harassment charges and believe me, I think he is completely innocent of the charges that are being made, the real question for Herman Cain has always fallen in the same area for me and for many other people.  What kind of experience would he bring to the table that would help him on the world stage?  The answer continues to make you scratch your head if you listen to him.  He says that he would go to advisers and get the scoop on what should be done and then he would follow their advice.  That sounds nice on the surface, but what would happen if we were facing a “Cuban Missle Crisis” or 9/11 type of event and the President had to stop and check with people rather than go with his or her gut?  You have to at least have something in mind when dealing with the world stage.  So many had opinions when Obama ordered troops into (or not into as the case may be) Libya.  Everyone in America had some sort of take on it, so it amazes me that Mr. Cain is so ill prepared that he doesn’t have a plan in mind for an answer to something like this.  In the interview he sounds like Rick Perry at a debate, and that is not a good thing to sound like.
The big thing for me with Herman Cain has not been the allegations against him, but just where do his ideas take us as a nation?  His 9-9-9 plan alone scares the living daylights out of me and quite a few others.  His clear lack of international experience makes this a campaign that has no direction and path to follow.  That is not good since we are less than two months away from actual voters putting their money where their mouth is and voting their conscience.
This election could change in a day, but the closer we get to the primary the more I think it will stay pretty stable.  That means that Romney gets the nod with a second candidate playing the anti-Romney roll.  Not very glamorous, but the benefits of playing second fiddle to the nominee is more popular than being a private citizen for one of the soon to be former candidates.  The second fiddle will likely become the VP for Romney and that could be a spot to affect change from.

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