Romney Can’t Close The Deal

Voters are just not buying what Mitt Romney is selling.  That is the only reason why he has not run away with the nomination at this point.  For months, we have seen this race as one where Romney is running against the Anti-Romney.  People that support the former Massachusetts Governor have stood at around 25 percent of Republican voters.  Beyond that, there have been challenges by Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and now Newt Gingrich.  Each of them at one time or another have laid claim upon the title of front runner.  All the while, Romney has been steady.  Steady, but not sexy and let’s face it, much like when you are shopping for a car, sexy is what voters are looking for.  Why get a 4 door sedan when you can have a sports car?  That is what this race is boiling down to, but it is much much deeper than that.
Mitt Romney was recently asked about his changing positions on things and he denied that he had changed any positions.  Even when it’s clear that his stance on abortion has changed over the years.  It would have been a good time to point out that he has evolved as a person, much as we all have when we get older.  We mellow and find ourselves believing certain things that we would not have as a younger person.  Still, Mitt Romney continues to hold fast to the idea that he is not your average candidate.
Enter Newt Gingrich and you see why he could be trouble for the President in a general election showdown.  Newt knows how things work, but has been away long enough that he can be considered an outsider.  He presided over the house when jobs were created and one of the most popular programs that voters have agreed with was acted upon.  He says what he means and when it comes to dirty laundry, he does have it, but it’s old news.  He could refocus debate on issues rather than on what the latest gaffe is.  He is more polished than Rick Perry but more rough and tumble than Mitt Romney.  You can see why voters would like him.
The main thing that you have to continue wondering is why hasn’t Mitt Romney sealed the deal with voters.  He’s had 4 years to perfect the message and has been the supposed front runner in the campaign most of that time.  I think that he tends to come off as your average candidate for President in the old order.  Even as shortly as 4 years ago, it would have worked.  Not now, not after the impact of the Tea Party.  Can Mr. Romney deliver as a candidate in the new order?  Voters certainly have their doubts.  Mitt Romney has his work cut out for him if he wants to win the nomination and the Presidency.

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