Occupy: 2 Months and We Still Don’t Know

The Occupy protests have been going on around the country for 2 months now.  That’s right, 2 months of people on the streets protesting the lack of a job…or is it that they want their student loans to disappear…or maybe it’s that they want to be handed free money…or is it something else entirely.
Reports on the “Day of Action” that came along indicated a group of people that still have no clue what they stand for or what they are doing.  Ask two protesters in any one of these demonstrations and you’ll get two different answers as to what they want and why they are there.  Add to it when someone actually reaches out and offers the opportunity to get a job and many of the protesters simply say that they don’t want what is being offered.
Van Jones, former member of the Obama Administration, came out and said that he felt like they were going to put forward 2,000 candidates that would run under the 99% banner.  He said that their voice must be heard in government.  The only problem with that is that there is no central message to the group.  The Tea Party has taxed enough already as their purpose and reasoning.  Occupy has a large group of people that are just happy to protest and relive Woodstock on the streets of major cities.  The Tea Party had non-violent displays and a respect for authority.  Occupy has had nothing but, with murders, stabbings, rapes and the like taking place and people relieving themselves in all sorts of strange places.  The two have nothing in common apart from being a large group of people that are in public together.  I really don’t see Occupy becoming a political force.
All the while as we look into what is happening, we continue to see that Occupy has no central message to guide them.  They speak out saying they want jobs but then they cost the jobs of people that just want to work and happen to be in the area where the protesters are.  They protest corporate greed, but then say that they don’t have enough.  To that, I would say that they need to do what the rest of us do, which is get a job and work hard to better yourself.  They would rather have a handout.
America is a great place that offers the right to pursue happiness.  That right does not extend to seizing someone else’s stuff when you find that you are not happy.  That would be a crime and that is what we are seeing, by and large, with the Occupy movement.  
In the end, occupy will scatter when they are challenged further on the points I just mentioned.  No group can hang together for too long without a central guiding principle.  If you doubt that, just ask Ross Perot where the Reform Party is today.

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