Obama in Bad Shape? Think Again

I have heard some over the last several weeks say that Obama is not electable and that anyone could beat him in a head to head election.  One wonders if that is the case.  Barack Obama may be unpopular as President, but he is still one of the best campaigners that is out there.
Barack Obama started off as a likable guy with a lot of people gathering to support him in the last election.  2008 was a watershed year with the country electing it’s first African-American as President.  People were on a high as they elected someone that talked about hope and change.  No one bothered to ask what the hope was about and what was being planned to be changed.  Once he got into office, President Obama began to bring about change.  Change in healthcare was something that no one wanted but everyone got forced on them and suddenly President Obama was not as popular.  Then you looked at a President who talked about the need for jobs at every turn but then never quite got around to making any changes that would help bring jobs to this nation.  Again and again, they would pivot to jobs but then something else would get their attention and off we go in another direction.
Now we look at an economy that is ” not in recession” but we still have 9 percent unemployment.  In this kind of environment, you would think that the current President would be unelectable.  If you thought that about Barack Obama, you would be mistaken.  Nancy Pelosi said recently that he wasn’t in as bad a shape as the polls indicated and that seems to actually be the case for a couple of reasons.  First, he is not being opposed in the primaries, which give him time to attack the Republican field.  Second, the GOP has been busy beating each other up as Romney lays into Perry who lays into Romney and Cain and so many others that pile on each other.
With that as the backdrop, it would only take a move or three and Barack Obama could be reelected for 4 more years just simply because people aren’t convinced there is an adequate replacement for him.  The idea being that it’s better to go with the devil you know than the devil you don’t.
It’s important to have some perspective on the race that is to come.  Barack Obama will be someone that can be beaten, but he will be formidable.  It will take some patience and time to remind voters of what he has brought us.  It will also take a positive message that there is something better to vote for rather than something bad to vote against.  It will also take an end to beating up each other and a beginning to examples of how the GOP candidates plan to beat Obama.  That is the key to winning this election.

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