Media Trying Once Again to Pick The Candidate

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CBS had a debate with the Republican candidates over the weekend and we are seeing some proof from a couple of the candidates that the network was showing it’s true colors.  First was the measure of the time that Ron Paul got during the course of the hour and a half debate.  He had exactly 89 seconds to speak in the debate.  Now, I’m not a big fan of Ron Paul and truthfully when he does open his mouth at a debate, it usually sinks his chances better than being ignored, but every candidate should be heard from.  Politico’s Roger Simon noted recently that they didn’t feel he had a chance of getting the nomination, so they were going to ignore him.  Never mind that there is a group of people that are supporting him in what he does.
On top of that, Michele Bachmann has said that the CBS network showed very clear bias when it addressed where she was in the polls and what kind of response the media should afford her.  Her campaign was accidentally sent internal messages from the network that showed people were going to be resistant to appearances from her because according to CBS political director John Dickerson,“Okay let’s keep it loose since she’s not going to get many questions and she’s nearly off the charts in the hopes that we can get someone else.”  It sounds like an admission that they were going to limit the questions to the ones that they felt had no shot.
In addition, I have read multiple articles that suggest that certain things are happening in the polls that aren’t really happening.  One such example suggests that Newt Gingrich’s numbers are on the upswing, which is true.  The false part comes when it suggests that Herman Cain is on the way out because of the unsubstantiated accusations of sexual harassment.  It claims that Herman Cain is out and Gingrich may be in just simply because voters are so fickle.  In all reality that is exactly what they want to see.
The media has become very used to the idea that they are the ones that choose the candidates for people.  It was said by CNN’s Howard Kurtz recently, “We are in the business of kicking candidates out of the race.”  Never mind that voters are the ones with that power, the media seems to think that they are absolutely vital to the process and weeding people out being one of the main things that they are here for.  Those that are educated in the media and what it does are even sold the lie that they are responsible for shaping the news rather than just reporting it.  
It’s time for people to get used to the idea that they need to more wisely choose their sources for news.  Media has no business choosing a candidate for us.

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