Herman Cain Accused Again

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pasion valladolid contactos mujeres Herman Cain is facing a round of accusations from someone that has been willing to come forward in public.  She is claiming that the GOP Presidential Candidate sexually harrassed her.  In further interviews, she claimed that she met him a month ago at a Tea Party event and that he remembered her and seemed quite uncomfortable.  Never mind that witnesses say that she came backstage and hugged Mr. Cain, no that couldn’t be the reason why he was uncomfortable.  Witnesses also say that the meeting between the two was a friendly one, so the fact that this “victim” has come forward is rather surprising, given the nature of the visit.

rencontre skype belgique The full blown witch hunt that is going on to get Herman Cain is to the point of ridiculous.  It has come to the point where Mr. Cain is now saying he will set the record straight in a press conference.  I’m not entirely sure that this will make the scandal go away, but it is worth a shot, particularly if Herman Cain is as he says he is, an innocent man.

http://waocubo.com/maljavka/3506 The efforts to destroy Herman Cain are getting more transparent as they go along.  Those on the left are out to throw mud on the one that would be the biggest challenge to Barack Obama.  Having a black man on the Republican side that could challenge President Obama straight away would be something that could seriously harm him.  Gone would be the use of the race card, that even now, those that are out to destroy Herman Cain are still trying to use, saying that Republicans and Tea Partiers believe that Mr. Cain is a “black man that knows his place.”

buscar mujer soltera en miami Many people are questioning Herman Cain for what he supposedly did and I think that the real questions need to be surrounding why it has taken him this long to come forward and tell his side of the story.  He and his advisors knew without a doubt that this would be coming before too long.  They should have had a response ready to go and they didn’t.  Instead, we have seen the Cain campaign floundering away trying to explain itself.  Most people would say that either he is guilty or inept, neither of which is a good thing to be seen as when running for President.

rocephin price Herman Cain will bring out the truth and we still won’t see an end because the left wants him gone.  I just hope he is ready to fight hard to beat them.  They need to know that this kind of mudslinging is not something that people will accept anymore.  If he is a man who is guilty of what he is being accused of, we’ll see an end to a promising political career. 

Either way, the time for this to be decided is well past.  Then maybe we can start talking about what needs to happen to right our economy and bring jobs back to this country.

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