Don’t Misinterpret These Results

The state of Ohio rejected a measure that would have limited the rights of unions to bargain and you would think that there was some major victory for Democrats.  NBC News is reporting that the measure’s defeat is a big win for Democrats in Ohio.  As far as I know there wasn’t a D after the measure on the ballot and there wasn’t a Democrat’s name attached to the ballot measure.  As always, you have to look deeper than just the surface, which NBC News was unwilling to do.
Under the surface in Ohio are the facts that no one wants to talk about.  First and foremost, Ohio is a state that is about union led manufacturing.  Unions have a lot of pull in the Buckeye state and will generally sway their membership to go and vote for something, particularly when they see it as a direct threat to their power.  This measure could have been viewed that way with bargaining rights curbed.  On the surface, it looks like a no brainer, but when you dig deeper and see that the issue was a state that needs to cut spending greatly and has few places to do it, the issue becomes more muddy.  In addition, the state wanted public workers to pay 15 percent of their healthcare costs.  From the cry me a river department comes word that there are jobs that make employees pay 80 percent of the cost of their own healthcare, so 15 percent seems reasonable by comparison.  Nevertheless, voters in Ohio want to subsidize public workers healthcare, all the while paying far more for their own.  
Since unions have sway, they can convince normally conservative voters to back union demands because they think that this will mean their jobs if they don’t.  What it really means is that those that voted this measure down are really saying that having their own jobs be vulnerable is fine.  Most companies and municipalities are unable to cut funding unless they renegotiate with unions or cut workers.  Now, there will be little choice but to cut workers.  In the end, union workers get screwed so the union can go on throwing it’s weight around.  Eventually, the union will be diminished, but in the meantime, the debt for the state will swell unreasonably.  Expect more whining to come out of Ohio soon enough when all of this happens.
Democrats are trying to look at this and say that it is a boost for a massively unpopular President and it isn’t.  Barack Obama had about as much to do with this measure as a fish does with the game of tennis. He will not benefit just simply because of this vote.  Democrats in general will not benefit, so really, the media got it wrong once again.  But then, there’s nothing new about that now is there?

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