Calling on President Obama to Step Aside

We wondered when it would happen and now we are seeing it.  Democrats are abandoning their President and calling on him to step aside for someone else.  Republicans have to take this as a positive sign that the troops in the so called party of the people, have called on their leader to get out of the way.  Additionally, Mr. Thrill Up My Leg Chris Matthews has even jumped ship on the President, claiming that he needs to be a leader and start meeting with people to give them marching orders.  He has also not done this either.
The Democrats in questions are pollsters Patrick Caddell and Douglas Schoen.  They are both claiming that the President has been moved toward gridlock and that he needs to step up and plan for another term or get out of the way for one candidate that would galvanize the party.  That leader on the Democratic side would be none other than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  She has polled to be more popular than any of the options on the GOP side of the ledger and would likely have some idea as to what it takes to govern and make people at least a little happy.
President Obama has come off as a man that seems to like to be on his own.  He is uncomfortable with the spotlight, which makes very little sense given his love for campaigning.  You can see it in the overuse of the teleprompter, including in venues like elementary schools where there isn’t much reason for coming off sounding impressive.  None of these kids can even remotely vote for you and few of them really care.  He also seems uncomfortable with the idea of working with Congressional leaders of either party.  Republicans were told that they weren’t needed when healthcare was being voted for and Democrats were left high and dry as they supported his bill and then got canned by voters.  Some gratitude!

Indeed a Hillary campaign for the White House looks even more attractive to the rank and file on the left because their leader is about as inspiring as a root canal.  The only inspiration that provides is that you vow never to let it happen again.  More Democrats are starting to see that they shouldn’t have let Barack Obama get as far as he did in the 2008 campaign.  Now they are left with abject begging because they know he is on his way down and he is threatening to take the entire party with him.  One bad midterm is understandable.  More than one bad election is inexcusable and if it comes to pass next year, Democrats might not even like Obama after he leaves office for a private life of reflection, quietness and blaming George W. Bush for his troubles.  Even in a coming potential defeat, some things never change and probably never will.


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