Business Leaders Say It Best

When it comes to finding out how business is going in America, it makes sense that you would ask someone who is in business and doing well.  One of the best innovators in the area of home improvement big box stores is none other than Bernie Marcus, co-founder of the Home Depot.  Mr. Marcus sat down with Tangkak tropezia palace jeux gratuits to talk jobs and the economy.  His comments about the current situation ought to echo out to all corners of the country and let people know that things are not as they should be.  When he was asked about the debt crisis and what needs to be done.  He said we need to stop spending and if we didn’t we would have to raise taxes.  Then he said, “even brain-dead economists understand that when you raise taxes, you cost jobs.”

As to the President’s take on eliminating regulations, he said, “As he speaks about cutting out regulations, they are now producing thousands of pages of new ones. With just ObamaCare by itself, you have a 2,000 page bill that’s probably going end up being 150,000 pages of regulations.”

This is what Republicans in Congress have been saying ever since Obama took the oath.  You can’t impose new regulations and new taxes on business and expect things to grow.  You can’t raise taxes in a shaky economy because things will get really bad, really quick.  And this is when we already have 9.2 percent unemplyment and more people that have fallen off the rolls because they have been unemployed for so long they have no way of collecting benefits.  Add to it the underemployed who have been wrangling shopping carts with a college degree, and you have a picture that doesn’t look good. 

All told, the economy is not coming back to where it was and the policies of this administration are not helping things at all.  If this is something you doubt, you need only ask those in business, just like Mr. Marcus.  What is most telling is that he said with all of the regulations that are on the books now that he doesn’t believe that he would have been able to build Home Depot in this environment.  And this is from someone that started his business in 1978, during the Carter Administration, when things were not very good.

What is the prescription for economic recovery.  According to Mr. Marcus and so many others like him, it’s found in less regulations and less taxes.  Then we can create jobs and make things work again.  Someone please alert those in leadership.  They need to listen to people like Mr. Marcus and not people like Mr. Obama.

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