Bachmann and the Border

If only we could cobble together several of the GOP candidates for President, we might have one that would easily win the votes of everyone.  Michele Bachmann has been under fire recently for migraine problems, which seems like an unfair attack to me.  She came out swinging in an interview with radio station WHO in Des Moines, Iowa where she said that people in Washington have not had the will to protect the border.  She went on to make this statement, “President Bachmann will build that fence on the southern border.  We will build it, we will secure it and we will not be throwing our border agents in jail for doing their job.”  That last part of the statement was in reference to some of the border agents that have been brought up on charges of excessive use of handcuffs and stranger things that they have been charged with in the doing of their duties as border agents. 

Michele Bachmann has the right idea here.  We have been having this debate about what to do at the border, whether or not we should even defend it.  There have even been these ideas about a virtual fence, as if cameras taking pictures of people were going to protect us.  Yes, the building of a fence on the border would not totally shut off the flow of illegals that come north, but it would slow it to a managable flow that we could turn around and send back home.  Taking the gloves off the border agents would also help solve the problem. 

I think that Michele Bachmann is also correct that there has not been the will in Washington to protect the border.  There is this thought of being able to gain a whole new “voting bloc” by helping illegals become citizens and eventually President, if you happen to be a certain, unnamed, misinformed Democratic Senator.  The idea that we need to cater to a group breaking our laws because they eventually might be able to vote for us is preposterous.  We have a nation to protect from it’s enemies.  That includes terrorists that could regularly be sneaking into the country, or those that are sneaking in to steal jobs and commerce from America. 

Lest you think that I would be totally against immigration, I do have to say I am for it when it happens through legal channels.  Back in the days of Ellis Island, those coming to America wouldn’t have thought of breaking the law to get here.  They instead hoped for a better life for themselves.  That should be encouraged.  What shouldn’t be encouraged is the idea that you came here illegally to seek your fortune.  Though both ideas are similar, only one of them is totally acceptable according to our laws.

Will it be Bachmann in the fall of 2012?  We don’t know.  But her idea of border protection has merit.

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