Space on Pause With the Endeavour landing for the final time and Atlantis set to launch the final space shuttle mission soon, we are seeing a change in the space program that has not been repeated for some time now.  We’re in a time when nothing and no one will be launched by NASA. 

click over here While you can certainly understand that budget is king and NASA is something that eats a lot of money to get people into space, you have to wonder if the move to cut them back is a wise one.  While other nations continue their efforts to get to space America will be forced to hitch a ride while we figure out what we are going to do.

site de rencontre my life There have been some programs put together as the next big thing by NASA, but given that no building has taken place, we really have no idea when we’ll get back to space under our own power.  Indeed with NASA taking on outreach to the Muslim world as one of their objectives, you have to wonder about current leadership and their ability to inspire great things out of this organization. Many years ago, John F. Kennedy inspired Americans to make every effort to land on the moon by the end of the decade, then the 1960s.  It came true as Neil Armstrong took those first steps against all odds and gave us a milestone that has not been repeated since.  Now, the goal is to land on an asteroid and eventually Mars.  While all of this is noble, we don’t see it happening until many of us are old and gray, which leaves us with the idea that we have nothing to inspire us.  Indeed, Americans can’t look to the moon as a challenge.  President Bush said we ought to go back and really, we should never have left.  Since that time, President Obama quietly cancelled those plans.

click this link now I personally think that it’s time to create a more bold agenda for NASA.  That would mean a couple of things.  First, until we come up with our next generation of spacecraft, we should continue the shuttle program.  It is expensive, but very worthwhile.  Second, we need to set a goal of permanent settlements on the moon.  This involves building a base there and making it a regular place for science and technology.  Let’s face it, the moon itself has a longer shelf life than the international space station.  This would give us the means to truly look at ways to get to Mars and spend time there effectively.  We would also be able to save a ton on launching a mission there if we did it from the moon. 

look at this now That alone would push us to the next level in space and given where we’ve been, it’s time to make it happen.  Let’s not forget that at NASA, they say the difficult we do right away, the impossible, takes just a while longer.

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