The President? He’s Out Today.

site rencontre rendez vous belgique A recent survey suggests that the President likes to travel…a lot.  The survey says that he has been on the road roughly 50 percent of the time that he has been in office.  You will likely hear a lot about this from conservatives over the next couple of days and I have to say that some of it will be overblown.  A President does have to do some travelling while he is President.  Foreign trips to encourage trade are part of the deal.  Going around the country to talk to people and get some ideas for governing are part of the deal as well.

site de rencontre gratuit non payant badoo What the survey talks about to this point of the Obama Presidency that has me scratching my head is the 58 days of vacation that the President took so far since he has come into the office.  There is no doubt that the Presidency is a high pressure job and it needs to have some time away built into the schedule.  That said, it is impossible to show anyone that you identify with what they are going through when you are constantly on vacation and they struggle to make ends meet.  The average working American is lucky to get a week away to let off some steam.  58 days spread out over 2 years works out to roughly a month off every year.

je veux un site de rencontre gratuit There definately needs to be a balance in the time that you take off or are otherwise out of the office with the time that you are in the office.  People expect the President to be governing and taking care of the people’s business.  Even when on a foreign trip, people will say that the President is taking a vacation so how people perceive you as leader of the free world is very important.  You have to be seen as someone that gets how the average Joe is doing.  Vacations to every corner of the world don’t inspire that kind of confidence.

view publisher site Some will say that George W. Bush took a lot of time away from the office and spent virtually every summer at the “Western White House” at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.  I say that Bush is not the issue, but to humor those that bring up that point, I would be happy to say that he went on vacation a little too often too.  Being President means that you have to be present and doing the job.  It’s not something that you can just telecommute from home or from Hawaii in the case of President Obama. 

i loved this As the campaign season gets underway soon, we will likely see the President hit the road more often and I guess that would be good for a couple of reasons.  First, so he doesn’t have time to impose his views on people near as often and second, so that he is able to gear up for his new job as a reporter for the Travel Channel.  After all, he’ll have to have something to do after 2012 rolls around.

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