Are They Illegal or Aren’t They?

The Society of Professional Journalists are calling on newspeople nationwide to become more sensitive in their reporting.  They have said that they want the term illegal immigrant to be stricken from the language, replaced by the term undocumented immigrant.

This example of political correctness has brought out in me the thought that we merely need to start defining people for what they are.  In this case, one merely needs to ask a few questions.  First, are you from this country or another one.  If it’s another one and you are here, then you are an immigrant.  Second, did you come here by the laws that we have established in this country or did you sneak across the border and not let anyone know that you are here.  If you did not do this according to the laws of this land, then by definition you are illegal.  Is this logic escaping the people that report the news?

Let it be said that we are a nation of immigrants.  Let it also be said that we are still very welcoming of people from other nations that want to come and find their fortune here in the United States of America.  The only thing that I think is important is that you obey the laws of our land.  If you are breaking the law by even being here, then it seems as if you are not getting off to a great start.

The SPJ claims that the term illegal immigrant is offensive to Latinos.  Someone will have to expalin that one to me.  What in that two word statement stands out as a direct slam on Latinos?  Are they maligned in it?  No!  It seems as if the SPJ is trying to get people to think a certain way merely by how they report.  The idea being, If you don’t say that an immigrant is here illegally and is merely undocumented, it takes the stigma away from them. 

Political correctness already runs amuck in this nation, but you need to see what things are.  The folically challenged man remains bald no matter how you say it.  The same holds true for someone who is here illegally.  No matter what you say about them, if they have broken the law, they are doing something illegal.

I’m all for sensitivity to people and trying not to say offensive names when referring to a certain type of people.  That said, let’s define this one simply as being what it is.  Anyone who breaks the law to get into America is considered illegal regardless of whether they are Latino, European, African, Asian or some other group.  It is not an insult to anyone particular if they have come here against the law and aren’t from America, they are an illegal alien.  This isn’t rocket science and I hope the media ignores this “request.”

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