Will She Run

what to know about dating a capricorn The latest Sarah Palin news has the media breathless with anticipation.  ABC’s Barbara Walters did an interview with the former Alaska Governor and asked her the inevitable question as to whether she was running for President in 2012.  She said she was thinking about it, which most of us know at this point.  She was then asked if she could beat President Obama if she ran, and she said that she could. 

http://www.hardrockchick.com/volovic/vovkadyrak/4778 The media is almost treating this as if she said that she was running.  Everyone from ABC to Fox to MSNBC are google eyed over it just simply because it means sharing something new.  The only problem with the media’s approach here is that whether or not she is running is one of the worst kept secrets out there.  Why else would she write two books and travel the country courting voters on behalf of other candidates?  The question is not whether or not she is running, the question is when she gets around to letting everyone in on the little secret.  What would make people more amazed was if she announced that she wasn’t running.  It’s still a slight possibility, but I don’t plan on looking for it.

http://de-visu.fr/?portfolio=codah-le-havre Sarah Palin is an electrifying person.  She gets in front of a crowd and people are drawn to her, not because of the dulcet tones of her voice or her perfect diction.  She seems real to people.  She reminds you of an old friend or that aunt that you really like spending time with.  She tells it like it is and seldom minces words.  

http://faddisandfaddis.com/limon/3274 The thing that amazes me most is the amount of coverage that someone in her position gets.  If liberals truly think that she is not qualified to be President and shouldn’t be paid any attention, why do they continue to do so?  The answer is that they believe she is a dangerous individual, not because she is a woman, but because she is a conservative.  Flash back to the times that she has gotten to speak in front of the American people and you will see that her beliefs come out very clearly and strongly.  The media’s response?  They comment on what she’s wearing.  What kind of makeup she has on.  What her daughter said or did.  Anything to destroy her rather than let the people decide what they want to about her on their own.

contact rencontre coquine Sarah Palin has less experience than some, but more experience than our current Commander-in-Chief had when he got the job.  I think it pays great dividends to really listen to what someone believes before deciding to send them to the big chair.  We really didn’t with Barack Obama and look where we are now.  Maybe it’s time to start listening to Sarah Palin and find out who she really is.

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