What to do about the leaks

continue reading this It’s been said that keeping a secret is harder to do these days.  That is proven true by the latest Wikileaks release that embarrasses the nation before the world.  Is this part of that new tone that was supposed to be set by this administration?

website link Seriously, things like this do happen from time to time, but they could be less frequent than what they have been if the response would have been swift and just the last time this happened.  Several months ago we saw a release of information about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It was at that point that the nation should have gone after everyone responsible.  This is a theft of materials that belong to this country and the Obama Administration seems to be slow to react to it.  The news even said that they knew it was coming this week and they also got warning when the last release happened that a bigger one was coming.

http://globecyclette.com/kljaps/3164 Why hasn’t the person doing the release been brought to justice?  Why hasn’t he even been charged with something?  Why is it that the only thing that the Obama Administration seems to be able to do is condemn this?  How much of a deterrant is it if the administration says something to the effect of, “if you do this, we’ll get really mad?”  Does that do anything at all?

this contact form It needs to be absolutely clear to the world that we don’t take this lightly and we are leading the way on this issue as with many others.  Instead, what’s clear to the world is that Barack Obama talks a good game but seldom backs it up.  Why else would this release of classified documents been tolerated as it has been with merely a statement that said, in effect, “hey, now you’ve done it, we’re mad.” 

rencontres emotions automobiles So what is the remedy for this situation?  First, we need to hunt down and capture those responsible.  That includes those in America that have been caught helping.  For those that are American citizens, I believe charges of treason are in order.  For the head of Wikileaks, someone suggested that we capture him and treat him as a terrorist.  I would advocate this approach as well, because whatever happens, blood is on his hands now from those that will be killed as a result of this information getting out there.

have a peek at this site Second, we need to safeguard our information in this country so it doesn’t get out in a release like this.  We will be feeling the damage of this release for years.

pop over to this website Thirdly, we need new leadership at the White House that can rise to the challenge of leading.  The current occupant of the White House has not led, but simply campaigned.  Now is not a time for a great campaigner, but a great leader that can handle it when things happen. 

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