Serve Only One;-Caps-Baseball-Caps-eYourlife2012-Mens-Winter-59892/ Democratic pollsters have decided that the best thing for the President to do is to decide that he will only serve one term.  The idea is that by doing so he would be looked on as being a great President. 

rencontres musicales de noyers 2012 Here’s the logic behind it and while I think it has some merit, I don’t think it’s going to happen.  They say that the election shows that President Obama has lost the consent of the governed and that his promises of returning a more civil tone to Washington would be impossible to deliver on if he is planning on running for reelection.   If he didn’t they claim that he would be able to bring Republicans and Democrats on board to accomplish something in the next couple of years.  Apparently that is where the greatness lies in this. The President is laboring under the theory that people still largely agree with him and the thing that made them upset is the way things were done or the fact that they weren’t done fast enough.  Barack Obama still thinks that his left leaning ideas are what the country agrees with.  Never mind that the new crop of freshman Congressmen is largely full of conservatives and Tea Party choices that simply want the spending to stop.  Last time I checked, stopping government spending is not a liberal idea.  It is also not the position of President Obama.

site de rencontres femmes malgaches The President is in a position that is unenviable for any politician.  The country has rejected you and you have two years to get it right or you’re outta there.  America elected President Obama because they wanted what he was selling.  While he thinks that he was selling liberal ideas, what he was really selling in the campaign was warm and fuzzy change and the idea that a politician can bring us hope.  When he got there, he shifted gears and suddenly we found out that we got what we didn’t order.

single party borken heiden The interesting thing here is that Democrats are calling on their leader to step aside, not from the office itself, but from running so that they can get someone that would capture the imagination of the country.  I think what it shows is the state of the Democratic party and the idea that they too are frustrated with their President.  I would expect that somewhere along the way Barack Obama will see a challenge for his party’s nod for the Presidency this time around. 

dating site in connecticut usa There is wisdom in Democrats looking for a new candidate.  While Barack Obama is a great candidate, we have learned that he is not up to the task as the actual President.  Republicans are licking their chops because they know that the White House is definately up for grabs in a couple of years.  While I don’t see Obama stepping down, I do see the blame for the recent election losses being shifted in the right direction.

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