Here We Go Again…

Camanducaia vou namorar todo mundo I feel like someone has hit a giant rewind button and taken us back to a few months ago when Congress had the opportunity to extend unemployment benefits and it got caught up in the politics.  Now, it has happened again and this time, the media coverage on this is unbelieveable.

yahoo blackjack online Matera I think it’s important to speak the truth in public on items like this so people know what’s happening really.  Instead the media seems to think that they can spin the story so people will believe what they want them to.  The American people have shown that they are more sophisticated than to just simply believe what the media tells them to.  That proved out at the beginning of the month on election night when Democrats got blamed for ignoring the people in favor of their pet projects. The story goes that unemployment benefits were blocked in the House by Republicans because they want them to be paid for, preferably by the unusued stimulus money.  The actual story is that Democrats, though beaten in the election, still have the majority in the House and a large one in the Senate until the first of the year.  They could pass any bill they wanted because they have the votes for it.  Instead of doing what’s right for the American people and passing the extensions in one form or another, they are playing politics.  Why, you say?  The bill failed because they had 258 in favor and 154 against.  Wait a minute, you say, that means it should pass.  Well, it should, except that Democrats are pulling out a procedure that makes it necessary to pass it by a two thirds majority.  Caught in the middle are all of the unemployed, who are just simply trying to find work and need the benefits to keep them from losing their homes, cars, etc.  With Congress leaving next week for the Thanksgiving break, that means no extensions and people with no benefits just in time for Christmas.

royal vegas casino avis The media coverage of this is lackluster for three reasons.  The first is simply that you can’t find the story unless you go looking for it.  No one features it so you have to do a Google news search to even find the story.  You would think that a story that affects so many people would see more light of day.  The second reason is whoever did the initial reporting on the story is blaming the GOP, when clearly Democrats had the votes if they chose to do it right.  Thirdly, those repeating the story are lazy enough to repeat even the headline that the Republican Party is the reason people aren’t getting benefits.  It’s either laziness or using Democratic talking points.  Any way you look at it, it points to shameful media coverage.

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