We Need to Reeducate

http://applicationformation.com/4 We’ve had five months to digest Obamacare and figure out what was really in it.  Let’s face it, at 2,000 plus pages the Democrats who passed it in Congress sure didn’t know what it was all about.  Since that time we have seen some changes already in the cards in the form of increased costs for a lot of people.  I can show you myself that costs for my family have increased greatly just since the passage of this bill into law and we aren’t the only ones dealing with it.

mon site de rencontre Now, as we head into the midterm elections, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has said that we need to be reeducated.  We need to realize what it really does before we are opposed to it for real.  Never mind the fact that many of us saw that the bill was several things but help for the person struggling with healthcare costs.  Indeed many will no longer be able to afford health insurance because of the bill and yet, we are mandated to have health insurance, so the exact opposite of the goals of the President and Congressional Democrats will be what we see.  Less people with health insurance and a need for something to be done with healthcare…again.

article Truthfully, this is the kind of thing we have seen before on a variety of issues.  Such a statement smacks of what you hear in local politics when a school bond issue fails.  What you hear from school officials echos what the Obama Administration is saying now, “People just haven’t been educated in what this will do.” 

http://enelnombredelgato.com/?fiserit=como-buscar-pareja&d79=59 The time for education of the people was earlier in the year when Congress wanted to pass this overinflated bill.  They should have told us then what was in it so it would have been easier to pass it.  Maybe the people would have wanted it after hearing about what was in it.  This line of reasoning has a major flaw in it and that is that those in Congress didn’t even know what was in the bill.  American people heard enough about it and opposed it just based on what had come out, but that didn’t matter for a Congress bent on imposing its will on the American people.

frau flirtet frau an Secretary Sebelius said that medicare participants would start seeing checks to cover some of their costs and that this would turn people in favor of the bill, but the Secretary failed to mention that Medicare itself was cut by the healthcare law.  Maybe she didn’t read that part of it.  After all, the bill was 2,000 pages long.

sigs girl who is dating likes me People have continually spoken about the healthcare law that they hate it.  They hated it then, now and will hate it in November.  No amount of “reeducation” will change that.  It’s a bad law and the people know one when they see it.

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